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Welcome to Gwynndustries!

This is the official website of Gwynndustries, Inc.  We are dedicated to celebrating the incredible life of Tony Gwynn, and his family, by continuing to share his passions with the world.  Look around and discover the amazing ways Mr. Padre continues to have an impact on our lives.

Hall of Family

The untold story of Tony Gwynn through the eyes of the people who knew him best.  

Coming soon!

Swing TV

Television, internet, and podcast content directly from the Gwynn family.

Coming Soon!

Swing Tv Video-01.png
Lish Music

Enticing music from a dynamic and talented roster that can move your hips and your soul.

Lish Music (2)-01-01.jpg
Gwynn Foods

Sharing the most flavorful Gwynn family recipes with the world.

Gwynn Foods Table-01-01-01.jpg
Gwynn Family Cellars

Elite-quality beverages with flavors full of personality in the vision of the Gwynn family.

.394 Pale Ale

A craft beer like no other.  Experience Tony Gwynn's vision for the perfect beer.

Tony Gwynn Legacy

Elite college baseball talent compete in honor of Coach Gwynn's legacy.

Tony Gwynn Legacy Field-01-01.jpg
T.A.G. Foundation

Providing programs to provide opportunity for underprivileged and under-represented youth communities.

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