GWYNN FAMILY CELLARS was founded to bring a new standard of elegance and excellence to the wine market that would match the high standards exhibited throughout Tony Gwynn's career.



Dr. Alicia Gwynn, wife of the late Hall of Fame Tony Gwynn is walking in her own destiny. Lish, as she was affectionately called by her husband Tony, coined this name of her exquisite wine as it exudes elegance, class and as a tribute to her husband. The inaugural roll-out of Lish Wines features Red, White and Rose’ wines.


The Sparkling Rosé was produced in celebration for Hall of Fame Tony Gwynn’s birthday every May 9th. It is a toast to honor the late Hall of Famer as we celebrate his birthday that has become part of keeping his legacy alive. 

Gwynndustries, Inc. | San Diego, California