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GWYNN FOODS is the home for all of the Gwynn food products. These products currently
consist of

  • Batter-Up

  • Flavor Booster

  • Sweet Brandy Bar-B-Que Sauce

  • Gwynn Family Cha Chow


The concept of Batter-Up started in the Gwynn family kitchen. Hall of Fame baseball player Tony Gwynn loved eating his wife’s fried chicken. Being the perfectionist he was, he wanted it to be better and challenged his wife Alicia to do just that. She took this challenge head on and started tinkering with different spices. The end result was a recipe that he loved and batter-up was born.


The Flavor Booster was also created in the Gwynn family kitchen. The family would gather, and fellowship with one another and with food, was always at the epicenter of these meetings. Alicia would always want to come up with ways to make her dishes standout. This product can be used as a seasoning or after a dish is completed to give it that additional pop.


Barbeque was the late Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn’s favorite dish, and he loved to top off
his BBQ meats with a distinctive flavored sauce. His wife, Alicia, put together Tony’s
favorite ingredients to create a line of sauces which Tony could enjoy. The line of sauces
includes Sweet Brandy (Tony’s Favorite), Original and Hot n’ Spicy.


One of the late Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn’s favorite condiment that was created by his late grandmother Elaster Douglas. The country style relish comes in sweet, spicy, chipotle, and jalapeño Hot, and can be used on many different types foods such as meats and vegetables. Tony’s favorite foods to use it on was hotdogs, hot links and potato salad that gave it a very kindred flavor.

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